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Email us at:

or text us at: (775) 238-6850

You are welcome to call, too but we might be lying under a car, so if we don’t answer, please do leave a voice mail.

We’re located in cheerful, low-crime, sunny, dry-climate Fallon, Nevada — just east of Reno, Nevada. Top Gun moved up here from Miramar and so we enjoy our classic car business even as  F/A-18 jets fly overhead. The US Navy likes the weather here, and so do we. It’s good for our cars, too. Dry weather means that the danger of rust is much reduced.

We are a division of OCLES, Inc., a Nevada corporation in good standing. OCLES in an acronym for Old Car Life Extension Systems. We have been in business as a corporation since 2003, but the experience of our German-raised founder goes back many more years, as to German cars.

19 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi George,

    I have the part … the casting. I do not have the camshaft etc. that comes with it. Are you OK with that? $250 for the head by itself, condition guaranteed, meaning before you install it, if you don’t like it for whatever reason, I refund your money plus shipping. Fair?

      • I still have it. 🙂 $300 plus shipping (assuming you’re in the contiguous US) and if you don’t like its condition when you get it, send it back for a full refund. Email me your details and I’ll send you a Paypal link please. my personal email address is … I’m the boss lady. Good luck with your pretty car! I love E34 cars. ~Tanya

  2. Hello again, Mike. I checked and yes, I do have that part. It’s BMW part number 11221287081, yes? It’s from a 1987 535i that I used to drive. The price for the part is $80, condition guaranteed … in the sense that if you get it and don’t like it for any reason, send it back for a full refund including the shipping. Where are you located?

  3. Want to extend a belated shout out to Tanya/OCLES,INC who pulled a seat-back panel off her own e23 to sell me. Had been looking worldwide for a beige replacement panel for 18 months with zero success. She had it in my hands in about 3 days. Outstanding! Who does that?


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