Used Parts from a 1987 BMW 535i

We are offering parts from a 1987 BMW 535i with good automatic transmission and a good engine. The VIN is WBADC840XH1722550.

I used this car for my personal transportation albeit for a limited time.  The time that I owned it, it spent most of its life in the Nevada desert climate.  However, I did drive it on highway 80, during a snow storm. The car was a pleasure to drive even in those conditions.

I bought it about eight years ago from a lady who lived in Sunnyvale, CA and had given it to her son, who was a college student at the time.

When I bought it, the car wasn’t in great shape.  The rear window was missing and someone had replaced it with clear plastic.  The oil pan on the lovely M30 engine had been run into a curb, and had cracked.  So, it leaked oil.  Even so, the engine ran well and the transmission behaved flawlessly. This is the famous ZF 4 HP-22 EH transmission.

The car’s body is in good shape, though the basic body shell is not for sale; the doors, trunk and hood are.  They are gold-colored but by now the paint has faded.

The seats are brown (dark tan?) and not in good shape.

I needed some extra parking space and a friend kindly allowed me to park the car on his property, but some thieves made off with some of its parts, including the fuel injection computer.   So, even though I’m just starting to advertise its parts, not all of the parts are here any more.  And, some of the parts are in bad enough shape that I don’t intend to sell them.

Please contact us and let us know which parts you’d like to buy.

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