E28 5-Series 528e with the Eta (not Super Eta) engine ECU Alternate Vendors

If you like, you can skip directly to where you can buy this part.

We sell good, original BMW, used E28 ECU units. The price is $130 plus shipping for the Motronic 1.0 pre-1988 units.

According to one official source catalog, the BMW price for this would be upwards of $1,800 for a unit. Whoa!

A Europe-based vendor is offering new units for 645 Euros. Today, that’s $834. Whoa! The same place sells a not-new unit for 135 Euros. That comes out to $175 or so.

I’ve seen one guaranteed never-used unit be advertised on a BMW forum for $150. That seems to be a good deal. But … the post is 13 years old.

Some of the mass-market sellers such as eBay or Amazon have good prices too … how reliable they are … I don’t know.

It’s probably safe to say that our used units are price-competitive.

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