BMW E34 5-Series 525i or 535i Front Brake Pad Wear Wire Loosening

If you’re planning a task that involves removal of the front hub, the wire for the front brake pad wear sensor will need to be undone.

As I recall, car manufacturers consider it unnecessary to have such a sensor at each front wheel since the driver side is likely to wear out approximately at the same rate as the passenger side, which is why it’s normal to see such a wire only on one side, not both.

By contrast, the ABS wires are on each side.

The sensor wire disappears into a plug in the inner wheel well well. Try to fight the temptation to cut the wire, and trace the wiring until you can find a place to unplug it. At this time, I have yet to find it myself, but I hope this write-up helps at least a little bit.


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