BMW E28 5-Series 528e 1982-1986 + early 1987 Throttle Position Sensor Alternate Vendors

If you like, you can skip directly to where you can buy this part.

We sell good, original BMW, used Bosch throttle position sensor units. The price is $30 plus shipping.

This is a Bosch part. The official BMW price is just under $85.

Various vendors are offering the Bosch part for just under $60, just over $60, just under $70, just over $90, etc.

Some vendors offer non-Bosch alternatives. I was surprised to see that these tend to have about the same price as the Bosch part — or higher. One happy exception is Pelican Parts, a vendor whom we like and from whom we often buy new parts. They offer a non-Bosch unit, new, for just under $45. The Bosch unit they offer is priced at just over $80.

It’s probably safe to say that our used units are price-competitive.

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