BMW E28 Fuse Box

This article discusses the fuse box for the E28.

A client with a 1998 BMW E28 M5 contacted me, looking for a fuse box. His car`s fuse box had melted in one or more areas, and he figured it’d be prudent to replace it.

I was sure that I didn’t have a unit in stock specific to the M5, so my tech looked into this in more detail. The best available information she found showed that the part number is 6113 1369596 and that all E28 variants use this same part number.

Interestingly enough, the 1981-1982 BMW E23 7-series also uses this same part number — but only those model years.

Allegedly, the accessory fan and A/C fuses are the ones that have problems with melting, and a box with no melting is rare.


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