BMW E28 5-Series 528e with the Super Eta engine ECU Typical Problems

If you like, you can skip directly to where you can buy this part.

As to why folks night replace this part, the reasons that leap to mind include some from personal experience.

  • You can’t open the glove box, and you’ve resigned yourself to having to break it so as to open it. You know you have to replace the glove box anyway.  Breaking it into pieces with a ball joint separator seems like a good idea until you realize the ECU is mounted approximately where you are stabbing with a large, sharp metal rod.
  • Someone who, I hope, will trip and fall down a very long staircase, found the car unlocked and stole the ECU.
  • Sometimes the regulator circuit on the alternator malfunctions and then it puts out WAY too much voltage. Then, the battery boils and things start popping and frying.  (Yes, I should have pulled over immediately but eventually the car made the walk-the-rest-of-the-way decision for me anyway.)
  • You took out a unit and dropped it.
  • Cumulative damage due to the constant effects of solder joints being cooled and heated.
  • Internal corrosion such as due to water damage.